True Quality Of the magnesium fluoride and The Utility

The invention relates to inorganic chemistry, namely to processes for producing magnesium fluoride. The method consists in that the starting powder of the magnesium compound, for example MgCO 3 or MgO, is saturated with HF vapor from the gas phase which is separated from the aqueous solution of hydrofluoric acid having no physical contact with this powder. The technical result consists in increasing the efficiency of the technology and reducing its cost.

The invention relates to inorganic chemistry, namely to processes for producing magnesium fluoride

A method is known for the preparation of magnesium fluoride by the interaction of solutions of magnesium chloride and ammonium fluoride. There are known methods for the preparation of mgf2 by the interaction of magnesium hydrogencarbonate with a solution of ammonium fluoride with heating, followed by filtration of the suspension. Their disadvantage is the low content of the main substance in the product and the insufficiently high degree of fluoride use.

The Processes

Known processes for the synthesis of magnesium fluoride based on chemical reactions of the magnesium compounds. In all known processes, magnesium compounds, in the form of powders or solutions, are mixed in the reactor with solutions of HF or its compounds. The reaction proceeds directly between the solid and liquid components, it is accompanied by the release of heat and gaseous products, requires thorough mixing, strict control of the mixing regimes, and after the formation of the magnesium fluoride precipitate it is necessary to separate it from the initial solution – filtration, centrifugation, drying, grinding, etc. All this dramatically reduces the effectiveness of technology and increases its cost.

The Methods

The closest method is the preparation of magnesium fluoride according to GB 540075, C01F 5/28, 5/00, 1941. It proposes to use for the synthesis of magnesium fluoride the reaction of gaseous hydrofluoric acid with the precipitate of magnesium hydroxide in an aqueous solution. The gaseous hydrofluoric acid prepared in a known manner is passed through an aqueous solution of the precipitated magnesium hydroxide obtained, for example, by reacting the hydroxide with magnesium ions contained in a magnesium salt solution, sea water and the like. The resulting magnesium fluoride is purified, filtered and dried or dried and cleaned.

This method is complicated in execution, since it requires preparation of solutions, mixing, precipitation, filtration, drying, grinding, which reduces its efficiency and increases the cost of the finished product.

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